My 2012 Marketing Plan Of Attack

My 2012 Marketing Plan Of Attack

Posted on 22. Nov, 2011 by in Marketing Fitness

Before I begin to talk about my To Do List, I wanted to share an email from a coaching client that totally made my day.


Hey Sam, I just wanted to send you a note letting you know that you are by far the best coach that I have had so far. You really know how to run a biz and you are a perfect mentor and leader for those looking to reach their goals and dreams. I aspire to have a business and influence like you in the future. Thanks,


OK, let’s get down to buzzzzinneez shall we….

After a whole day in our “WAR” room, my partner and I came up with KILLER FITNESS MARKETING and implemetation strategies for 2012. Many people ask me “aren’t you afraid to share your strategies with your competition?”  My answer to that is heeeeeellllll to the nooooooooo.

Even though that I know these busters are watching and imitating my every move, knowing is one thing and doing and it is another ;)

So without further ado, here is my 2012 to do list for just ONE of my businesses ;) which is a Chino Hills Boot Camp

1) SEO: is already in the first position not only in Chino Hills/Chino but in 10 cities for the terms Personal Trainer, Boot Camp, Weight Loss, Personal Training, Etc…….

2) Start optimizing www.AlejandraFont.Com

3) Need more cool motivational quotes on the wall.

4) Grocery store tour 1st Tuesday of every month at 6pm

5) Nutrition seminar last Wednesday of every month at 6pm

6) Webinar 3rd Tuesday of every month at 12pm noon. Start promoting it on the 2nd Monday of every month.

7) 5,000 post cards distributed on cars strategically on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month.
So 2,500 post cards double sided promoting Boot Camp and our program.

8) Monthly ongoing body transformation contest where participants can weigh in at the first class
of the month and again at the last class of every month. Each person will get $10 for each pound they lose.
Use the tagline “We Pay You To Lose Weight”

9) Last Saturday of every month we’re having Burpee, Push Up, Planks, etc…… contest. The winner gets movie and dinner tickets.

10) Look into to automate emails, landing pages, shopping cart, processing, post card campaigns. Thanks you Jeff Sherman for recommending this.

11) Each trainer is responsible for posting one picture during boot camp and tagging it.

12) Each trainer is responsible for one video per week. The video needs to be approximately one minute long. 12 trainers = 12 videos. All get uploaded on Saturday with correct description and title.

13) Post Cards: Mailed out 3x/year

Send current clients a monthly postcard (Appreciation and referral incentive).
Can use Office Autopilot or

14) Monthly automated text to current clients for appreciation and referrals.
Done through <===== Try it for a $1

15) Revise trainer’s checklist. Checklist must be turned in after their shift.
Checklist: Call everyone by their first name at least once, make sure to touch everyone at least once, after each class announce upcoming events, announce bring a friend Friday, Referral Contest, etc…

15) Have a referral contest every other month and give away an iPad. A minimum of 5 referrals is required to enter.

16) Revise our business plan and entertain investors. Think Outside of the Box.

17) Survey monkey going out to all current clients at the end of each month. They get to vote on who is their favorite trainer. The trainer with the highest score gets $100 cash and a designated parking spot.

18) Look into video conferencing.

19) Boss Lady to set up a monthly meeting with our accountant, Mr. Kohani.

22) Boss is going to look for ALL trade shows in the area.

23) Include upsell like Prograde and Meal Movement in our auto responder.
Sign up for
Prograde Here ====> Sign Up For Prograde
Meal Movement Here ====> Sign Up For Meal Movement

24) Hired a full time assistant, Stacy, to make calls 8 hours per day Monday-Friday. 4 hours for Chicago locations and 4 hour for California locations. So far this month she has made over $4,000.00 in sales just calling and following up. EVERYONE NEEDS A STACY

25) Teach Stacy EXACTLY what to say and offer our past clients and prospects. Luis is going to devise a sales script and teach her closing techniques.

26) Boss lady and I need to make a new welcome video for new clients.

28) Mandatory trainer meeting first Thursday of every month at 12pm noon.
Provide a lunch and learn.

29) “Bring a friend Friday” signs strategically placed throughout the facility. Need to “condition” for referrals.

30) Ask for referrals at the point of Sale. Use Christian Aguirre text method.
31) Revise the boot camp price structure to resemble

32) Once we close them on the low monthly payment we ‘ll ask
Then ask them to pay in full.

33) Luis is going to make a blue print of everything discussed. Everything will be color coordinated according to who does what.

34) Looking for a device to record phone calls. Want to start recording Stacy and make sure she is using our script when she calls. This helps monitor interaction and also helps us “Fine Tune” the sales process.

36) Christmas Special Promotion: Buy a one month gift certificate for your friends and receive your next month for free. Essentially it’s free for them and we get a chance to gain a new client. BRILLIANT.

37) Religiously track the following numbers:

37) Boss lady to call ALL current clients systematically once a month to ask how they’re doing and ask for referrals. For example on the

first of the month call all clients that start with the letter A.

I think it’s essential that this comes from the owner and not the trainer or someone else.

This is to create deeper bond with clients.

If you enjoyed this post then Be sure to also checkout FITNESS MARKETING 101

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Kaiser Serajuddin

22. Nov, 2011

Holy shit. A combination of my head is spinning and tears are running down my face for how much of that I’m not doing. This is going up on my wall as we speak.

7Figure Sam

23. Nov, 2011

Thanks Super K, appreciate the opportunity that you have given me with Super Trainer


22. Nov, 2011

Wow! I’ve been reading a blogs recently. This is the first time i have encounter that the blogger show his SECRETS. This is absolutely totally AWESOME. Two Thumbs up for this unique style. For all Fitness trainers out there who needs more profit. I think you can apply this style but first you need to talk with author before copying it. Honestly this article can help others to make their fitness business more successful. Thanks for this Man.

7Figure Sam

23. Nov, 2011

ptmvictor: Thanks brother, Super Trainer is all about us getting together and helping each other. THANK YOU for reading

Sako Yakinian

22. Nov, 2011

wow! That’s definitely a blog post I need to print out and get to work on. I even picked up some awesome ideas from your plans. Powerful stuff Sam, no wonder you’re the best. Thanks again for over delivering!

7Figure Sam

23. Nov, 2011

Sako, my brother from another mother how are you? Your studio is looking amazing. Time to visit soon. See You January 20th-21st

Dave Peterson

23. Nov, 2011


Talk about over delivering.

This blog post is worth 50k, no exaggeration

Sam you always over deliver, but this is just ridiculous!

I’m shocked you would give away such awesome info for free

This is why super-trainer is THE best place on the Internet for fitness business owners

Holy Sh*t!!!!

7Figure Sam

23. Nov, 2011

Thanks Dave, Can’t wait to mastermind even more and learn from each other on January 20th and 21st in Chino Hills

Joe Martin

23. Nov, 2011

Talk about pulling back the curtain! Dang Sam, this is awesome!

Coach Rahz

23. Nov, 2011

Great Stuff Sam. I can see why you’re killing it. You keep pumping in multiple directions never allowing yourself to miss a beat. I Love it and I will take action on as many of you strategies as possible.

Thanks for Sharing,


Jason Ferruggia

23. Nov, 2011

DAAAAAAAAYUM SON!!! Killer post, my brotha.That’s a $97 product right there. People would pay for that kinda info. That could be printed out and followed to the letter and you’d probably make six figures easy even if you had no clue what you were doing and just opened your biz today.

Freakin awesome stuff, as usual.

7Figure Sam

23. Nov, 2011

Daaaammmmnnn, I know I made it when the one and ONLY Jason Ferrugia visits My man. Yo come down to my event and that Saturday night we will go out the way we always do ;)

Randy Woody

23. Nov, 2011

I pray that you will release the scripts that Stacy will be using!!! I am sitting slope shouldered realizing how much I am not in a real business and just “faking” it. Thought I was doing good with 140 clients–sheesh–I should have 300. Sam –blessings and thank you.

7Figure Sam

23. Nov, 2011

Hey Randy, I will be releasing them to you very soon. (at least I hope Luis let’s me)
Hope you can make it to my event

Dave Peterson

23. Nov, 2011

Jason is definitely right, if you fleshed out each of these its an easy $97 product

The call scripts could be a product on their own too

The fact that Sam gives this stuff away is completely unprecedented.

Definitely gonna give thanks for Super-Trainer tomorrow!

7Figure Sam

23. Nov, 2011

Thanks David P: You and your brother Dan are kicking ass and taking names. Looking forward to our new JV

Michael Duivis

23. Nov, 2011

Woah… this might be the best blog post ever. I’m sitting here in my office like Kaiser thinking “how come I’m not doing all that stuff?” And forget about charging $97 for it… this is worth thousands if you ask me – Printing this out right now…

7Figure Sam

23. Nov, 2011

Thanks Michael D: Appreciate your friendship and kind comments. You coming to my event January 20-21st right?

Luka Hocevar

30. Nov, 2011

Can’t believe I haven’t commented on this….it’s because I was taking notes and talking to my staff so we can start applying shit!!!

Sam, that post is the real deal and if you’re a trainer and fit biz owner, the only thing that will stop you from banking $ from it, is if you’re a lazy mofo…and then you don’t deserve the shit anyway.


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