Get Ahead In Fitness Marketing: The Art of Being A Hack

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From the hints I’ve been dropping, you know that I’ve been working on the new site for Super-Trainer

It’s coming along great and is going to set the industry on fire, just like the original Super-Trainer did almost two years ago –

Instead of being so shady, let me tell you a little bit about what to expect so you know what you’re looking at once it arrives ….

Til now, S-T has been a fun project for me …

It’s allowed me to stay in touch with everyone at every level of the fitness industry –

But the new site is going to be brand new, hi-tech, and have a new mission –

It will based on all of the feedback I’ve been getting from you about what your real needs and interests are.

It’s going to have some great services you’re going to love that will help you get to your goals more quickly and affordably –  they won’t make me much money, but they will help you make serious progress in your fitness career.

In terms of an expected date of launch, I haven’t really set one yet – I’ve been doing a little bit every day with my designers and programmers and it should be ready soon.

One thing that’s been really speeding up the process is that I’ve been modeling the success of others – that’s what I wanted to talk about now –

Whenever we want results at something, we all tend to try to reinvent the wheel, but that’s a mistake ..

No matter what you’re trying to do, someone has done it already –

With my site, I’m “copying” my buddy Michael Dunlop‘s site – if you saw my videos from the CONTINUITY SUMMIT, Michael’s the brilliant 20 year old entrepreneur with a blog that gets into the millions in hits, brings him hundreds of thousands of dollars, and he only works one hour a day to maintain it –

What’ s funny is Micheal sells no actual products of his own – it’s all smoke and mirrors.

And he has loads of fun making the whole thing work.

I will be sure to have Michael on as a guest on the blog in the very near future, and if I get around to throwing an event myself, I’ll have him as a speaker for sure …

Now the point wasn’t to drop Michael’s name – it was to point out how I’m “copying” his site for my new S-T build – he knows it, and since I’m in a completely different “niche” from him, he’s cool about it –

Of course I’m not copying his text or passing off any of his stuff as my own – that would be scumbag behavior.  But in terms of the look, I am modeling his success, the same way dozens of trainers worldwide have copied my current Super-Trainer site to design their own sites – I take it as a compliment.

The lesson is there’s more than one way to learn from others

The first way is to learn through courses and products – if they’re good, you can “copy” the information in them and get success quickly yourself.

But the second way is through observation – look at what’s working, what you like and can relate to, and learn from it –

Become a student through observation – the best part about this type of learning is it’s free –

So I recommend the next time you see something you like or that’s working for someone else, you stop, take out a pen and paper, and start taking notes on what you see – almost like you’re at a seminar taking notes from a live speaker –

Because whoever or whatever you’re modeling, they’re speaking to you powerfully – just not in words.

That’s why you’ll notice even though we were goofing off and doing shots in the video I shot with Michael at the CONTINUITY SUMMIT, I broke out a piece of paper and was taking notes – because I know valuable info when I see it.

If you didn’t see our interview check it out here:

[youtube eKhSiKF7rqI& nolink]

Just ignore the fact that the bar was serving us rounds of Patron even though both Micheal and Alex Maroko, who was also in attendance, are  both underage.  What’s worse is Michael looks like he’s 14!  But hey, what do you expect from the HILTON?

Model success – that’s your little lesson for today –

No matter what you’re trying to do, someone else has already done it – just do what they’re doing, give it your own personal twist, and you’ll make progress worlds faster.


The Design Services and Web Services we’re offering here in “soft” release are going like crazy – we’re currently doing work and consulting with last year’s national personal trainer of the year, and the biggest bootcamp program and community owner in the world, along with many independent trainers looking to upgrade their image and earnings – for more info, contact

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Doug Groce, CSCS

04. Jun, 2009

Kaiser!! Haha, I’ll vouch for you man.. Right after Michael spilled a couple nuggets of info, you bought him a Patron shot and busted out the notebook and the flipcam – haha.

We need to get those guys on here for a guest interview – I just contacted Alex and I think he’s game…

Yavor Marichkov

04. Jun, 2009

Modeling others’ success is a one of my favorite strategies. In fact, I wrote about it in an article on behavior modeling inspired by Wyatt Woodsmall. Another on of my role models, Will Smith calls this modeling “studying the patterns.”



04. Jun, 2009

Badass post Kaiser…

Dan Campos

04. Jun, 2009

Great post, Kaiser!

Darren Cobin

04. Jun, 2009

Great post Kaiser. It makes a great point about taking principles being used in sometimes non related fields and molding it to your own field. I did that with my training studio. Instead of using the common session package business model used by many trainers and gyms, I observed what the membership sales model in gyms was, as well as how yoga and martial arts schools structure their business model, and molded by business into a hybrid of that.

I also encourage my clients to model the success of athletes and other iconic fit people. If you want to look like a marathon runner, train like one, if you want to look like a sprinter, train like one, etc. Who ever you want to look like within reason of course, train like them and eat like them, and that will give you your best shot of modeling their success with your own.

Keep up the great work Kaiser


04. Jun, 2009

Been doing this recently, watching the top trainers in the gym, and have learned more observing than if I was to ask them about their strategies.

Greg Justice

04. Jun, 2009


Very informative post. I enjoy reading your blog because it gives me ideas outside the box of what we consider “normal” in our industry.

Learning is a never ending process…

Matt S

04. Jun, 2009

I really like the “become a student through observation” part. If everyone followed this advice, I believe there would be many more skilled people in the world!

Very Zen. Have you ever read George Leonard’s “Mastery”?

Great book, it’s all about being a student of life and becoming one with your practice.

Yavor Marichkov

05. Jun, 2009

What Darren wrote was exactly what I meant.

Matt, thanks for the book recommendation. Will check it out.


ken karnack

05. Jul, 2009

looks like you have a great post and serivce going Kaiser.


10. Jun, 2010

Love the concept of modeling success – something Anthony Robbins talks about a lot. If you want to be successful, you have to think, act and copy what successful people do

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