Your Soul Purpose

Your Soul Purpose

Posted on 10. May, 2011 by in Personal Development

This is a guest blog post by my very good friend and an overall AWESOME human being Armando “The Professor” Cruz. Armando is a visionary that I personally have learned a thing or two from.

[youtube Hx7jYQMmzc0]

Armando Cruz is a Miami Personal Trainer and Miami Boot Camp Instructor


Dutchys Fitness

10. May, 2011

Great video Armando, simple yet effective steps to staying focused


11. May, 2011

Your mindset is going to ensure that you keep setting the world on fire. Or wait, maybe it was that green smoothie. Nope, going with mindset. Thanks Armando for this awesome post!


12. May, 2011

It is up to us if we wanted to have a unique purpose in life and work for it, and that you won’t be truly happy until you find it – and live it. Our soul and mind conspires to whatever we long to reach for.


12. May, 2011

@Dutchys Fitness Thanks

@Leanne CAUTION: With the right Mindset and Green Smoothies you could take over the world…LOL

@Jefferson You are right on the money here. Mind is the foundation for all things but it is only once you act and strive for your purpose that you can truly realize it. Cheers.


12. May, 2011

Love your vision Armando. You are truly a class act and I am honored to be your friend.

Alejandra Font

16. May, 2011

Great info Armando…I’m gonna do it what you suggested!

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