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Ok, I know the new site has been up for more than a week …

But it’s only right for me to do an official WELCOME TO THE BLOG type of video – so here you have it.

Oh, and check out the new segment I’ve added to the second half of the video.  I’ve got to admit I totally hacked it from someone else who’s real popular on YouTube – let me know if you can figure out where I got it from:

[youtube mo0_RNqsCfo nolink]

Now that it’s official, let me tell you about what we have inside:

First there’s the GRAPHICS section …

What I’ve learned is the major things holding back nearly every trainer from getting their business moving is getting their hands on high quality graphics.  That’s why I’ve put together both the lowest price and highest quality graphics service available ANYWHERE, and I’ve made it available to you here right now.

Then we have the SERVICES section …

Here we have a quick and easy way to have any web service you need handled for you quickly and easily.  Do you need a blog or sales page put up in one shot?  Are you looking to put a shopping cart on your site?  Do you need CLASSIFIED AD posting to promote your training business?  We’ve got it all here, again for low prices and high quality service.

And finally we have the MASTERMIND FORUMS …

If your fitness business hasn’t changed in a while or it’s just been stagnating, that’s probably because you’re not around the right people.  With the MASTERMIND FORUMS, you’ll get to deal with other hungry, like-minded fitness entrepreneurs that are just as committed to finding out the money-making and growth potential in fitness as you are.

And if you haven’t gotten them already, I also have some incredible free gifts for you so be sure to checkout the FREE VIDEO.

Ok I’m out for now – and newsletter subsribers, you know what you’ve got to do ;-)

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Glenn Chestman

25. Jun, 2009

The Free Video Link does not appear to be working… or is it just me.

Doug Groce, CSCS

25. Jun, 2009

Old school hip-hop / comment time – Looking forward to see how this works out haha! Should be fun, are you going to take requests?

Ronny Varghese

25. Jun, 2009

Awesome post Kaiser, As usual bro! Keep at it with all the info and I’m looking fwd to that other video.

Will be getting in touch soon for both services and graphics stuff man… lookin fwd to the other posts brotha man! Keep


25. Jun, 2009

looking good kaiser your site is coming along great
love the community here i encourage everyone to get involved here if you want to make money as a trainer!

B Durette

25. Jun, 2009

Just began following your info. Been in the business for a very long time. Always keeping an open mind as to new tools and ideas to grow my business. I appreciate the tools you are offering trainers. I support you and made contact with some of your people today. Look forward to doing more business with you. Keep up the good work!

John Thompson

25. Jun, 2009

Super-Trainer looks awesome Kaiser-

The design team did a great job on my logo and header designs, can’t wait until my site is done.


Alan Johnson

26. Jun, 2009

Kaiser~ As a new trainer and someone who’s just getting started in a fitness career, your blogs are very inspirational! I have learned and/or confirmed a few things here on Super-Trainer already and can’t wait until I gain more experience so I can implement them.

Glad I found your site! -A

Jason "JT" Thomas

26. Jun, 2009

Kaiser your site rocks. I’ve learned a lot in just the past few months I’ve been getting your newsletter.

Nii Wilson

28. Jun, 2009

Mr. Soze,

I love the new blog layout. The look complements the valuable info that you put out there. Take it easy and look forward to learning more from you


02. Jul, 2009

Kaiser.. love the intro music to your video and the graphics.. makes you look like one of those fancy celebrities. Very cutting edge. So I give up.. where did you get the last bit from?? Is is Arnel?

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