ChiTown Fitness Marketing Calander 2012

ChiTown Fitness Marketing Calander 2012

Posted on 27. Oct, 2011 by in Marketing Fitness

They sporadically do a fitness marketing campaign here and there. Most personal trainers and boot camp business owners run by the seat of their pants.

To be successful in your fitness business it is essential to market strategically NOT emotionally.

All your marketing should be thought of way ahead of time.

Every year towards the end of the year I sit down for about 3-5 hours and plan my fitness marketing attack for the following year.

I start by Googling “Major United States Holidays” and pick 2 Holidays to promote each month.

Do the search; you will be surprised as to how many Holidays we really have.

There are some Holidays we can really have fun promoting like, National Peanut Butter Day and National Pig-out Day.

Once I am done with putting 2 Holidays to celebrate each month, I then go for birthdays and anniversaries (hire date) of employees and share holders, and I include the anniversary of our grand opening.

Remember, all we are looking for is a reason to celebrate and have some kind of a promotion.

So without further ado here is my fitness marketing calendar for our Chicago locations. The California locations will remain mostly the same except of course for employee birthdays, anniversaries, etc……

OK here we go…

Fitness Marketing Calendar For 2012



January 1st New Year’s Day Promo

January 5th Nolan’s Bday

January 16 Martin Luther King Jr’s Bday



February 2nd Ground Hog Day

February 14th Valentine’s Day

February 20th Presidents Day

February 26th Lisa’s Bday



March 1st National Pig Out Day

March 17th St. Patty’s Day

March 20th Persian New Year/First Day of spring



April 6th Good Friday/Passover

April 8th Easter

April 19th Jamie’s Bday

April 25th National Admin day



May 1st Sam’s Bday

May 13th Mother’s day/Shara’s Bday

May 20th Karina’s Bday

May 23 Chi Town Boot Camps Bday

May 28th Memorial Day



June 1st National Doughnut Day

June 6th Sam’s Wifey’s Bday

June 7th Felicia’s Bday

June 17th Father’s Day

June 20th First day of summer. Dustin’s Bday



July 3rd and 4th Independence Day and Bailee’s 3rd Bday

July 20th 1st day of Ramadan



August 2nd-4th  Ice Cream Sandwich Day and Chocolate Chip Day

August 21st Sit back and Relax Day

August 24th Ivan’s Bday



September 3rd Labor Day

September 9th Grandparents Day

September 22nd First day of fall



October 9th Craig’s Bday

October 16th Bosses Day

October 31st Halloween



November 2nd Cody’s Bday

November 11th Veteran’s Day

November 22nd Thanksgiving Day



December 9th First day of Hanukkah

December 21st First day of winter

December 25th Christmas Day

December 31st New year’s Eve and Neil’s Bday


Here you have it. This is my fitness marketing calendar for 2012. You can swipe this for a whopping cost of a comment below :)



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27. Oct, 2011

National Pig Out day. LOL Love it.

Kaiser Serajuddin

27. Oct, 2011

Excellent post as always my man. Love the strategic mindset, done way in advance. You’re right – most fit-biz owners ARE seat of their pants. Makes it so much easier for the rest of us.


28. Oct, 2011

I didn’t know you were in the Chicago area! Good stuff!


28. Oct, 2011

BOMB shit bro !!! thx for all the good stuff !!


7Figure Sam

28. Oct, 2011

Thanks fellows. I appreciate your comments and
Thanks for reading super-trainer

Callie Durbrow

31. Oct, 2011

Sam you’re the man, I love your comment about thinking strategically and not emotionally. It’s easy to see why your business is booming. Can’t wait to see you in S.D. in a few weeks!

Sako Yakinian

06. Nov, 2011

Great ideas guys, working on my 2012 calendar this week. Thanks for sharing the dates. National pig out day will be fun!

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