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MEET EUGENE THONG, TLT – Top Level Trainer talks about how he does it.

Posted on 15. Jan, 2008 by .


As a great man once said – “Let me see that THONG” – Or in this case I wanted to talk to him: I’m referring to fellow trainer Eugene Thong. For every trainer out there who gets big-time media coverage, trains a roster of stars, or is selling a new workout machine, there are dozens who you may never hear about but that are making great livings in this business. We call them Top-Level Trainers, and Eugene’s one of them. I first found out about him when I came across his blog while doing research online late one night. I ended up spending the next 3 hours completely engrossed by his in-depth posts, probably more for my own fitness than my clients. You can find it at

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THE IMPORTANCE OF SPECIALIZING: TALKING TO BRIAN SCHIFF – Brian talks about his specialty and how it relates to every part of his business (listen to the audio).

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At my barbershop recently I observed an interesting phenomenon. All the barbers there will cut the hair of anybody that walks in the door. Every new customer is an adventure in haircutting for them, and I think that’s what holds them to $12 per haircut and such long hours – it’s the lack of specialization. A lot of trainers are the same way; they’ll train anyone that walks in the door. For that reason, most of them probably earn much less than my barber. They train whoever they’re assigned, and it could be someone different every hour. They think this allows them to see more clients and add to their incomes, but what it really does is hold them back and leads to their failure. Brian Schiffis a trainer who’ll never leave you questioning his specialty. He’s one of the most well known and accomplished trainers in the country (named one of Men’s Journal‘s “Top 100 Trainers in America”) , and his specialty is Sports Specific Training. Also a physical therapist, he’s accumulated so much knowledge and credentials in this area that he’s developed a tremendous leadership position.

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