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It’s Not What You’ve Been Led To Believe

It’s Not What You’ve Been Led To Believe

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  You know, every now and then I get a little put off by the “wussification” of American society.  But this doesn’t just relate to guys, and not just to society as a whole – you see it in the fitness industry too. A lot of us are plain scared away by the thought of making fitness into a real business by opening a studio.  And by doing that, you end up overlooking probably the easiest way for you to get greater career respect, earn a vastly higher income, more easily attract and manage employees, get time off, and enjoy what you do. And among all the factors trainers are scared away by the most is the cost of the whole thing.  That’s why right now I’m going to go into a quick and dirty description of what the misconceptions and realities related to the costs of starting a personal training studio. Why should you listen to me?  Not only have I run a studio that was tops in my borough of 2.5 million in New York City, but I’ve coached numerous of my students to do the same thing, including CC Matthews, April Ockington, and Travis Tsoetzel, just to […]

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  You’ve probably heard me say it before: you’ll never be able to take the “personal” out of personal training; you’ll never be able to take the “service” out of fitness services. To deliver on both, there’s been a revolution recently, and that’s in the area of social media.  I can’t think of a business that has the potential to benefit from it more than personal training and fitness services. On that note, my buddy Ben London recently sent over a guest article on the subject.  It’s a bit of a wake up call to anyone that’s not using online social platforms to communicate with their clients and prospects. Ben, take it away: If You Run Your Fitness Business Like Its 1997, How Do You Expect To Compete In 2010?   Special guest article by Ben London Imagine if you will that you’re in the market to buy a small mobile personal training business; what would you look for in a good investment? A decaled van, some equipment in reasonable condition and a solid client base with an efficient EFT infrastructure would be a nice start, wouldn’t you agree? What if that same business had a branded twitter account attached […]

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Talking Functional Fitness With Marc Lebert

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  I’m lucky I reserved the domain when I did, because there’s a guy that would definitely give me a run for my money on that title. It’s Marc Lebert, famed creator of the Lebert Equalizer, and now several other products that are making trainer’s and studio owner’s lives easier and less expensive at the same time. But don’t think making “passive” income off of his products is all he does.   Marc is about as in-the-trenches as it gets: he still runs group-ex classes, owns a gym, and all in all “lives” fitness, not just profits from it.  In fact, he told me that he just got back from doing an action movie shoot this weekend. And by the way, if you ever mentioned the words “passive income” to Marc, he’d probably laugh in your face.  He’s constantly traveling all over the world promoting his products; so you’d have to say their success has been anything but passive.  He has probably the tightest schedule of anyone in this business but appears be loving every minute of it. When it comes to the Equalizer, you’ll see everyone from the New York Knicks to Kim Kardashian working out with it (here’s […]

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Yes, this site has the word trainer in the name – but if you came here looking for info on how to do a better squat or execute a power clean, you’ve come to the wrong place. Actually, if that is what you’re looking for, I have a great video for you: [youtube ZJDACbKeNB8 nolink] Now back to business … This site is about the business of training. It’s an area that I feel trainers have been weak in for tool long, and that’s what we’re here to fix.  It’s to guide you from taking what already comes naturally to you, fitness, and capitalizing on it to create and outstanding business and lifestyle.  Think I’m kidding?  Then you need to do your homework on my story, the success stories of many of my students, and some of my closest friends in the industry. That being said, let’s get one thing very clear.  Your product always is and will always be fitness.  Skimp on excellence in that, and long term, your career is headed nowhere.  One guy that’s mastered this balance between the business and technique of fitness is my friend Eric Cressey. Eric is known today as one of the […]

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When Kaiser asked me to write a guest article for his Super-Trainer site I headed straight to his home page to check him out ;)  Before I knew it, I had read every single word of his long story.  For someone that gets a blister on her finger from mouse clicking, that is a record.   Why did Kaiser’s story get me in?  Simply because it is so real.  As I read it, I found myself thinking back to my own fitness journey and wondering, how did it all happen and how on earth did I go from a conservative, middle aged, unfit executive – to international fitness model, personal trainer, and author?  Yeah, I wake up every day and pinch myself. For me it all started with my childhood dream of learning to surf.  Oh did I mention I was 37 years old and had never exercised in my life?  And to answer your question, yes it took me 6 months before I was even able to paddle “out the back” to even try to catch a wave.  And then another 6 months before I could say I was “a surfer”.   So anyway, freedom starts with your dream.  Not someone […]

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