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Personal Training Marketing Website Re Launched Announcement From Kaiser of

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[spoiler] Hey. What’s up? Kaiser here and you’re of course watching me on and I’m doing another one of these little video blogs and I’m doing this one for my little webcam on my computer so the picture is not that good and my voice is a little hoarse this morning so the sound is not working really but I don’t think any of that matters. What really matters is the message I wanted to give you right now and it was that the blog is officially launched. If you’ve been following it, you know we’ve had the new version up for a couple of days but right now, I just want to kick the whole thing off. I was kind of holding back for a little while until we got a few backend things fixed up but forget about all that. So feel free to enjoy the blog. Leave your comments. Let me know what you think of it and what you think of the new layout and also the message that we have here. It’s going to be changing. It’s going to reflect more of what I’ve been hearing from all the trainers out there from what’s […]

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Fitness Marketing – Marketing Fitness on the Internet – Talking Shop with Ryan Lee at Ozworth 09

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[spoiler] Kaiser Serajuddin: Hey, what’s up? Kaiser here. Ryan Lee: Kaiser. Kaiser Serajuddin: You’re watching me on and it’s official. We’ve got [0:00:06] [Indiscernible] fitness marketing. He’s right here. I got the godfather in marketing, Ryan Lee, and we’re in Ryan’s house right now about to kick off his Continuity Summit and this thing is going to be bananas. Let’s just show the room real quick, show how many seats we got. This thing is just insane. It’s going to be probably one of the biggest internet marketing conferences ever and I mean the speakers, you got to go check out and Google all of them. It’s just bananas and I’m going to stop talking because I got Ryan Lee right here. I hope I mentioned that. So Ryan, the first thing I want to ask you – most of my readers are into fitness and fitness marketing. So what’s like the top tip you have? Now you have all these people in your Continuity Program that’s really making you [0:00:54] [Indiscernible]. That’s why everyone is here. What’s the top tip you have for people to get that traffic into your Continuity Program? Ryan Lee: Traffic. You know, […]

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THE ART OF BEING AVERAGE: How You Can Be Great Once You STOP Trying To Do Your Best …

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You know, most of my blog posts are written for YOU, to help you make good on what’s possible in Personal Training, based on info I learned from in the trenches, scratching and clawing my way to make things work whether it was in a big-box gym, running a 42 location training department, or pumping out sessions in my studio … But this one is half for you, and half for ME, because it talks about some personal insights I’ve had into productivity lately, and the biggest lessons I’ve been learning as part of it. Just like Cinderella, PRODUCTIVITY has two evil “P-word” step-sisters, PROCRASTINATION and PERFECTIONISM.  They are the biggest obstacles you have to your entrepreneurial life (yes, if you are a solo trainer, you are officially an entrepreneur so congrats!). Ha – I remember when my biggest enemies were the other “prep school gangsters” in downtown New York.  Now I fight daily against intangible, formless, and inhuman demons that would make the boys from Lord Of The Rings drop a brick. But seriously, this is the profound insight I had … That we often screw ourselves up by trying to do our best. Trying to do our best […]

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Mikey likes it!  Do you remember that one?  That was the old LIFE cereal ad, and was my first exposure to testimonial based advertising … Even though that particular commercial was dramatized, there’s no doubt testimonials work – not because I think so, but because they’ve been tested numerous times for their effect. But most trainers either don’t use them or don’t use them enough.  I happen to think that testimonials have a special and greater importance as it applies to the marketing of personal training, so that even magnifies the need for them. I sent out a brief lesson to the SUPER-TRAINER LICENSEES on the subject recently, but I think the lesson is so valuable that it shouldn’t be kept under wraps – Here was the note I sent them: ———————————————————————————————– As we’ve talked about on the blog many times, REFERRALS are the absolute best form of marketing for any service professional. Just do your job right and maintain the right standards doing it, and that’s all the marketing you will ever need. You will get more clients, your rates will get higher, your income will grow, and you will then suffer from the major problem that most successful […]

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Trainer And Strong Man Elliott Hulse Shows You How To Really CRUSH IT …

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It’s funny what you can do on the web these days … What I mean is that as a trainer, there are a lot of ways the web can serve you. You can of course get personal training clients on the web.  Then through your site you can bond with them before they meet you. You can learn about training … You can provide fitness information on the web … And from what I recently witnessed, you can have a virtual strong man smack-down on the web. That’s what happened between Elliott Hulse and Zach Even-esch for the launch of Elliott’s new training product, LEAN HYBRID MUSLCE. Now if you feel like we’ve gone into comic book geek territory, please know that Elliott is one of the most active guys in the fitness industry today. He’s a guy with firm roots in real world sports excellence (as a former college football player and current strong man competitor), and has translated that into a thriving training business and budding online empire. He exemplifies everything Super-Trainer is about, so I of course had to have him on the blog. And what came out was an interview about his roots in fitness, the […]

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