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My inbox gets slammed with so much email every day that I hardly read most of it –  but ever now and then something comes in that I’m real glad came my way … That’s what happened a few days ago when I noticed an email from my buddy Dave Parise. He sent over a very cool and very timely guest post for the blog – and if you know Dave at all, you it’s going to be something that you’ve got to pay attention to. Here it is: ————————————————————————————– How can you be able to take an idea, a passion and turn it to a million $ company in less than three years. I did and we at Super-Trainer want you to as well. BE UNIQUE Always keep in mind where this business knowledge is coming from. There are many important principles of business. The first is to have a huge expanding market. If you were the best cassette tape manufacture in the country 10 years ago, would it matter today? No it doesn’t.  In a growing and evolutionary industry, every year you would have to work harder and harder to make the same coin. One principle is to […]

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Master Trainer JIM HART Talks About Personal Training

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The term “Master Trainer” gets thrown around a lot – you can even get a certification that will give you the title for just a few hundred bucks … But in my book it’s something you’ve got to earn, and there’s one guy I know who fits the profile: Jim Hart. Looking at Jim will not only show you how to establish a successful training practice; he’s also an example of the career potential Personal Training holds even beyond the years that people typically enter this field (Jim is 50). He’s been running his private training practice out of Philadelphia for some time now, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.  He gets covered frequently in the local media through no real effort of his own: you just can’t keep a good thing under wraps. I got on the phone with Jim recently to talk personal training.  This interview is especially timely with a lot of the questions I’ve been getting from trainers wanting to get back in the game of training later in life.  From this conversation with Jim and last week’s interview with Greg Justice, I think it should prove that it’s more than possible. Here’s the audio of my […]

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  I remember when I first became a trainer – Ahhhh – the good ole’ days … There were some good times, I have to admit – but I was earning crap, I was always stressed out, and I started to hate myself – if you’re working in a big-box gym, maybe you can relate. I have a belief that liking and respecting your co-workers and customers is vital to your happiness in whatever business you’re in. Well here, I couldn’t respect the HARD SELL gym managers and PT directors – they looked like the sleazy money grubbers they were … And my fellow trainers would huddle together in the trainer’s office, munching McDonald’s french fries between clients – can you imagine? I remember talking to my training manager about wanting to train clients in Manhattan in the future. He told me the competition was too tough and not to try it. I don’t know where things would have ended up for me if I kept going on like this, but luckily, one day something happened that changed everything … A friend of mine opened a tiny juice bar on the upper east side of Manhattan. (The place went under […]

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I don’t want to brag about being a superstar blogger or anything like that, but consider yourself lucky for being a reader of SUPER-TRAINER …. Talk to even your above average to advanced trainer and they’re ignorant to the success strategies and fitness career opportunities that I’m sure have probably become second nature to you as a result of being a part of this blog. And one thing I’m sure you’re becoming hip to is the WILD potential for you to expand and profit from your fitness knowledge online.  We’ve talked to and explored this subject in detail in the past, and if you haven’t taken action yet, here’s your chance … Joel Marion, who’s emerged as hands down the biggest player in FITNESS ONLINE is re-releasing his program CHEAT YOUR WAY THIN in a special edition for the holidays.  This is his bestselling fitness program that makes calorie rotation for fat loss accessible to everyone. Here’s how you can promote the product, make a ton of money for about 15 minutes of work, and learn some priceless lessons in the process. 1.  Sign up for an account on CLICKBANK ( Getting an account on CLICKBANK is a two minute […]

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Corporate Wellness Programs are one of the most appealing opportunities for trainers today – they can also be the most confusing and intimidating. And since this blog is all about eliminating confusion and overcoming any fear that’s stopping you from making big things happen in your life using fitness, I had to get to the bottom of corporate fitness once and for all … For that I enlisted a man who needs no introduction – he’s the world’s authority on corporate wellness, who’s educated countless trainers about it.  And most importantly, he’s really doing it himself.  I’m of course talking about Greg Justice. Greg is one of the originators and leaders in the entire trainig industry.  He’s a long time training gym owner, an international corporate bootcamp operator, and now the head of the American Association of Personal Trainers as well. Greg was cool enough to come on the blog for an interview and the info he’s shared here is killer.  He dropped some gems of wisdom from his years of experience, and shared the info everyone is looking for – how to start a corporate bootcamp yourself.  Here it is: —————————————————————————————- Hey Greg, I’m not sure if it’s known […]

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