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SUCCESS and DOING WHAT YOU LOVE – Special Guest Post by Personal Trainer Dave Parise (talking about the fallacy of hard work and the “10 year rule”)

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MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope you had a healthy and happy one – my gift was getting to take a week off from writing a blog post. That was thanks to Dave Parise, because right now I’m going to re-gift the excellent post he made on the brand new Super-Trainer Forum. This post was pure magic, and I had to give it the credit it deserved. It was all about the issue of natural talent vs. the importance of mastery of something you love. The truth is very few us are born perfect (see picture on left). Everyone else, no matter who you’re talking about, had to put in a tremendous amount of effort before they reached the top of their game.

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Just when you were getting serious about training, here’s a place to spend hours of your free time in mindless cyber-chatting – Welcome to the Super-Trainer online community!!! (just click the button labeled “Forum” in the right side bar or follow this link) It’s a forum for everyone, from beginner to advanced trainers; from thinking about getting into training to way past it, and all places in between. We can learn from each other, sharing info as it happens, the way that you can only do through an online forum. And there’ll be plenty of opportunities for mindless chatter too, so don’t worry! You can use your real name or make up a different username, and feel free to link to your site or leave a phrase in the space at bottom for your signature. So enjoy – looking forward to hearing what you have to say (I think!) and if you’ve got any suggestions to step it up, just let me know – I’ll see you there!

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PERSONAL TRAINERS: DRESS FOR SUCCESS!!! Talking about wardrobe, off the record, with Super-Trainer readers …

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Before you flame me for the gratuitous eye candy, let me assure you it has a purpose! I’ve gotten a few e-mails from S-T readers recently about the subject of what to wear. That’s cool because you don’t want to leave this area to chance. Although it’s largely a matter of opinion, and in extreme cases you can almost get away with anything, we still can’t underestimate it’s importance. That’s because Training’s an intangible product, and your appearance is one of these intangibles. Top performers in every field of sales and consulting are meticulous about how they dress and their appearance for good reason – because a large part of the buying decision is based solely on it! Here’s my first letter:

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JOHN SPENCER ELLIS -THE ULTIMATE FITNESS ENTREPRENEUR!!! Talking to “the man” who has re-defined the term (read the un-cut transcript of our converation)

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I know it’s been over a week and I’m a little late with this post – to make up for it this one’s VERY LONG and SUPER-GOOD … FITNESS ENTREPRENEUR – that’s a term that gets thrown around A LOT, and is used to describe every Personal Trainer, anyone that’s ever written an e-book, or tried to make a buck in any way in fitness. But I recently had the pleasure to speak to a guy that’s taken the term to a completely different level – John Spencer Ellis. If I sound like a fan, it’s because the things John’s involved with will blow you away! He’s broken the mold and branded himself to a point where he has no competition, and set a new standard for making money in fitness.

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