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WEB 101 FOR TRAINERS – YOUR TEACHER: SCOTT WHITE – Scott breaks down the web for Personal Trainers.

Posted on 11. Feb, 2008 by .


I know all of you at one time or another has typed the term “Personal Training” into Google out of curiosity. When you did, right there in the top ten results, along with Wikipedia and all the big training companies with huge advertising budgets, you surely saw Scott White’s gleaming bald head shining back at you. If you didn’t know, the web is the best way to get new clients (next to referrals) for every Personal Trainer. Even if you’re familiar with the web, marketing online is a completely different science. With his success at consistently getting top ten results nationally, Scott’s the undoubted master at it in this field. I wanted to get Scott on here to talk about how he does it and see if we could squeeze a few secrets out of him.

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