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Not Your Usual Path To RIPPED ABS: Greetings From Bangladesh!

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Just got back from my two week journey to my homeland of Bangladesh. I call it journey rather than a vacation because the experience was far different than say, a trip to Miami. Yeah, it was hot, but insane traffic conditions, pollution, and extreme poverty isn’t what most people would call getting away. I’m not exaggerating, but I have to say it wasn’t all bad; a lot of good came out of the trip for me; without a doubt it was the most life-changing trip of my life For someone like me born and raised in the US, I can’t put the culture shock into words. The family I have over there is very well off, but that’s just relative; no-matter where you are it’s still surreal and can’t be compared to life here. For example, outside of the luxury condo where I was staying with my uncle and cousins, on one day I watched as the door-to-door chicken salesman was skinning one of his live chickens for his customers. At least it was a fresh source of protein! Despite a dangerous and uncertain way of life, the people were very proud and good spirited. This part amazed me; how […]

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MAKING MONEY TRAINING TRAINERS – The new booming sector of the Personal Training Industry.

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“The field of personal training is red-hot … and almost completely unregulated. This means that the same people you’re relying on to keep you fit – and, more importantly, safe – during your private session may have neither training nor license to do so. Possible result? Severe injuries. Leave it to the New York Post to go for for that shock and awe value in the first line; that’s how an article from last September in the Post called “Not All Trainers Fit To Be Tried” started. That one line says a lot: – First off that the training field is red-hot – yup, that’s right, and as we’re going to find out, there isn’t money only in training clients, but also training trainers. – It’s unregulated, ie. isn’t surrounded by reams of red tape – This by the way is a good thing , especially for the trainers that know what they’re doing. – There are a lot of people in this industry that don’t have a clue what they’re doing. That last point is what this story is about: training education. More accurately, the article reads just like a Press Release for a new Personal Training School here […]

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